Origami 1.2 Update Available

Origami has been updated to version 1.2 bringing with it a host of updates.




What’s new in 1.2:

  • By popular request! — Added an iPad device to the Phone patch, specified from the Phone Dimensions patch
  • Added functionality for designing in Landscape mode in addition to Portrait mode, specified from the Phone Dimensions patch
  • The Phone patch now shows a touch point instead of the mouse cursor
  • Added a new Browser Chrome patch, which styles the viewer window to look like a web browser when the composition is running
  • Added a new Browser Buttons patch, which gives you the state of the back and forward buttons from the Browser Chrome patch
  • Added new Hex to RGB and RGB to Hex patches, which convert hex strings to RGB values and vice versa
  • Added a new Index Switch patch, which switches between multiple index values and remembers its current index
  • Added a new Velocity patch, which outputs the difference in value between the previous frame and current frame
  • Added new Cursor Control patch, which allows you to hide or change the appearance of the cursor
  • Redesigned Quartz Composer’s toolbar icons
  • Images now keep their names when dragged onto the canvas
  • Improved plugin loading in some cases



Quartz Composer Gone Wireless

In what could be the first ever Quartz Composer April fools joke Bartosz on the Macoscope blog has just released a wireless qc plugin.




Some time ago I’ve tackled the problem of messed-up connections in Quartz Composer. While the cable-like solution was surely an improvement in comparison to the original implementation, I quickly realised it can be easily made much better. Instead of making connections even more cabel-ly, I’ve attacked the core of the problem – the connections themselves.

With Ethernet ports being almost gone from the MacBook lineup and with iOS devices missing them entirely, it’s clear that wireless is the future. Cables are artefacts of the last century. Many of their drawbacks constantly prevent people from living painlessly. Not only do cables tangle constantly, but also it is estimated that over 14 million people get injured every year tripping over them. The less cables in our day to day environment the better.

With this insightful idea in mind I’ve jumped into Xcode and within an hour I had a working antenna-based connections in Quartz Composer:



jQC 1.0 A UI Framework for Quartz Composer released.


jQC 1.0 has been released and adds lots of new functions and compatibility with the Origami Macros.




Version 1.0 is here! This is a major update to jQC, bringing with it 15 new patches as well as bug fixes and improvements to existing patches. This release is proudly Origami compatible, which means it can be used alongside the the framework without issue, and several take full advantage of Origami’s retina mode.. Big features include new animation patches, the Rubberband Scrolling patch, and substatial improvements to the Mobile Device Dimensions and Device Framer patches. This means you can now smoothly rotate devices into landscape and have your viewport size kept in sync. BIG thanks to everyone who has downloaded and provided feedback over the past year. Keep it coming, and keep doing good work.


This release includes the following new patches:


Boolean Toggle 2


Fade Out

Hit Target

Looping Animation


Phone Cursor

Position Inspector

Rubberband Scrolling

Simple Animator

Swap Inputs (Number)

Swatches (Flat UI Colors)

Swatches (Flattastic)

Swatches (iOS 7 Colors)

Text Cursor


This release also includes and improves upon a number of earlier patches:


Align Inside

Channel Changer

Color Button

Crisp Text

Device Framer

Fancy Button

Focus & Unfocus

Gradient Clear

Hex to RGB

Highest Number

Lowest Number

If Any

Image Align

Initialize Boolean

Initialize Number

Initialize String

Interaction Lite

iOS 7 Blur (Box)

iOS 7 Blur (Masked)

Mobile Device Dimensions

Mouse Is Over Target



Multi Input Mini

Multi Input Large

Multi Input Chainer

Pixel Aligned Billboard


Sample & Hold (Number)

Status Light

Sticky Toggle

Sticky Toggle (Boolean)

Sticky Toggle (Index)

Sticky Toggle (Number)

Sticky Toggle (String)


There are also annotated example comps for all patches included for reference.


Release notes:

  • The Moto 360 smart watch, Nexus 4 and iPad have been added to the Mobile Device Dimensions and Device Framer patches

  • Device Framer now accepts images and can be paired with Rubberband Scrolling

  • Rectangle has been renamed to Rectangler to avoid a name overlap with Origami

  • Color Button now resizes to fit the button label, and will switch to the “width” and “height” attributes if they are larger.

  • Boolean Multiplexer (Number) has been removed due to bugs and limited utility.

  • Boolean Toggle has been removed and replaced with Boolean Toggle 2. The new patch has more sensical IO port names, so the new patch was introduced to prevent existing comps from breaking.

  • Underscores have been removed from patch input & output names (hat tip to the Origami folks for fixing the Apple bug)

  • Hex to RGB now includes Alpha as an option

  • iOS 7 Blur patches now have the ability to adjust the blur radius and connect Interaction patches for click-and-drag repositioning.

  • iOS Blur Interactive example file has a mask that becomes misaligned when dragged outside the viewport

  • IOS Blur Interactive example file has a misaligned device frame






Graphics Tools Updated

A new update has recently been released for Graphics Tools.

Quartz Composer 4.6(151) Framework 5.1(319)


Whilst there is no change log for this update i imagine over the next few weeks any changes or updates will become apparent.


EDIT: It appears this update to Graphics Tools still runs the same versions of Quartz Composer as the previous Graphics Tools download from October 2013