Origami – A design prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer

Origami is a new Plug-in and Macro set for Quartz Composer that expands it’s functionality as a design tool. Launched recently by the Facebook Design Team  ( http://origami.facebook.com/ ) it provides a set of tools intended to make interaction prototyping easier.


The main Plug-in adds a few nice features and finally brings Retina Support to the QC Editor. As well as the Plug-in it also install a bunch of macros that replicate a lot of in built functionality and repackages them in a more user friendly manner. There is also a bunch of example files to get show it all in action.

It look like the project could bring some new people to the world of Quartz Composer which will be a great thing. There has already been some updates to the github page as users have posted about bugs.

Check out https://github.com/facebook/origami for the latest build

http://facebook.github.io/origami/ for the latest installer.


Also worth checking out is this interview with one of the Facebook design team talking about their ideas behind using Quartz Composer.



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