2V-P – 2 Channel Quartz Composer mixer from Ali Demirel

2V-P is a new live visual performance tool from Ali Demirel and Pascal Le-Sport designed for Quartz Compositions. It was released to the Mac App Store just before the holidays and to my knowledge is the first visual performance tool in the App Store to allow you to use Quartz Composer to make content.

I have been testing the application for the past few months and have had a chance to get familiar with the interface. The application misses many of the features of the higher end VJ applications but is very focussed and works solidly with all the .qtz files i threw at it.

I had a quick chat with Ali Demirel one of the creators of 2V-P and best known for his work with Richie Hawtin/Plastikman about some of his ideas behind the application.



2V-P aims to manifest the idea of a minimalist visual concept and an interactive performance technique which Demirel has developed through his live show experience.

Demirel had designed the software based on his modernist, minimalist, and futurist approach to live visual performance phenomena, which he has developed through his live experience with Richie Hawtin over the last 8 years. Programmed by Pascal LeSport, it is the outcome of Demirel’s and LeSport’s artistic collaboration.

2V-P is designed using minimal and modernist approach: it is nor offering MORE than products or similar range, but LESS! Only fine-tuned and well designed.

 Reduced Elements:

2V-P intentionally limits users to 2 channels.

It supports only qc  files( and VUO in the future)

It seeks to eliminate every possible “decoration”, standard “VJ” effect and tools. Those are to target users focus on designing their unique content and performance.

Preset support:

A preset system is designed to handle compositions with multiple variables. It allows users to save and mix various presets of a single composition.

Embedded library:

Demirel and LeSport will share the visual compositions library that they developed together. which Demirel performs for his Richie Hawtin DJ shows. In turn, it will facilitate the expression of idea and aesthetics behind the concept, demonstrating the performance technique in full prospect.

Streaming support:

Inspired from Hawtin’s twitter.dj project, 2V-P will support online controller value streaming, allowing users with 2V-P installed to follow Demirel’s live performance in real-time and full resolution, from any “connected” location.




The main idea behind a 2 channel mixer for QC is “simplicity”!

I believe good shows could be done with simple tools, but focusing on your content and design.

Also performance technique is very important for my proposal that’s why we have the special preset support and MIDI/OSC integration for all items in the app, to maximize the interactive possibilities and performance of multi variable comps.


2V-P comes bundled with a few .qtz files to get you started that also work well as a introduction to learning Quartz Composer. They all get installed in the user library when you first load the application. The stand out feature for me has been the ability to interpolate between the published parameters of a .qtz composition.

2v-p is available now from the Mac App Store. 




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