CoGe 1.5 update

CoGe one of the best tools for working with Quartz Composer in a live environment has just been updated to 1.5 adding some great new features.

There has been some changes to how CoGe handles output images from quartz compositions used as modules.

Updated rendering pipeline

Probably the less fancy, but on of the most important change in CoGe 1.5 is the revisited rendering pipeline. While this update focusing in stability and better use of system resources, in some circumstances you could notice some performance increasing:

  • LayerGroups should render a bit faster from now
  • Core Image effects may rendering faster as well, especially if you use multiple CI effects next to each other

The downside with this change is, the outputImage output port for Quartz Composer modules do not available anymore. The default modules will be updated by the updater, most of the well known modules updated as well, but if you are using your own stuff and you used that parameter before instead of a Billboard/Sprite or something similar at the end, you should check out your modules.



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