Quartz Composer Plug-In Manager


The developer behind Coge and Vezer have just released a free tool for Quartz Composer.

Its an app for installing plugins, fixing plugin related issues and some other misc things. You can drag and drop multiple plugins into the Install tab, the app will detect where to put them (official API plugins or not). On the manage tab you will see a list of all the plugin installed, marked with red where are problems, and that way you should see a button to fix those issues. Issues could be multiple versions (so you have installed 1.0 and 1.1 version of the same plugin, which is dangerous), multiple instances of the same plugin and plugins-in-the-wrong-folder as well.


Installing Quartz Composer Plugins could be confusing since there are multiple type of plugins: official API pluginsshould be installed into Plug-Ins, while Skanky SDK plugins should be installed into Patches directory.

Drop in one or multiple Quartz Composer Plugins to the Install tab of the Plugin Manager, the tool will auto-detectwhere the plugins should be placed, and will copy there for you!


The tool can detect if a plugin has been installed to thewrong directory, and it can also detect whenever multiple instances have been installed of the same plugin, which could be a root of many problems with plugins.

The Manage tab gives you a list of all the Quartz Composer Plugins installed, and allows you to fix all the issues with a single click.



Facebook develops new app Paper using Origami and Quartz Composer

The latest Facebook application has just been released and once again was prototyped in Quartz Composer using the Origami add on that was released at the end of last year.


Fastcodesign has a great article that goes into how the Facebook Design Team went about prototyping the application.

Head over to fastcodesign to read more http://www.fastcodesign.com/3025932/facebook-develops-a-photoshop-for-interaction-design-and-its-free-for-anyone-to-use