Origami 1.2 Update Available

Origami has been updated to version 1.2 bringing with it a host of updates.




What’s new in 1.2:

  • By popular request! — Added an iPad device to the Phone patch, specified from the Phone Dimensions patch
  • Added functionality for designing in Landscape mode in addition to Portrait mode, specified from the Phone Dimensions patch
  • The Phone patch now shows a touch point instead of the mouse cursor
  • Added a new Browser Chrome patch, which styles the viewer window to look like a web browser when the composition is running
  • Added a new Browser Buttons patch, which gives you the state of the back and forward buttons from the Browser Chrome patch
  • Added new Hex to RGB and RGB to Hex patches, which convert hex strings to RGB values and vice versa
  • Added a new Index Switch patch, which switches between multiple index values and remembers its current index
  • Added a new Velocity patch, which outputs the difference in value between the previous frame and current frame
  • Added new Cursor Control patch, which allows you to hide or change the appearance of the cursor
  • Redesigned Quartz Composer’s toolbar icons
  • Images now keep their names when dragged onto the canvas
  • Improved plugin loading in some cases




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