iniTree 0.2.3

IniTree Pro 0.2.3 is now available to download for free


Updated features include

* Better 3D branches rendering.
* Added texturing with alpha support.
* Customize your tree with lines, points and polygons with much more freedom.
* Improved elements color management.
* Asymmetric tree branches.
* Better “incomplete tree” customization.
* Better quick-start guide.

It should work without problems on OSX 10.8+, but I tested it only on 10.9.4.
Along with 32/64bit version of the plugin, you’ll also find a short PDF in the download folder with a guide of how to use it.
Other features include
Tree Customisation 

Vertices are calculated every time you change the number of branches, of levels, or the tree opening. It is possible to customize the aspect of the tree in several ways:

  • Size Matter, Colour Too. The lines / points / 3D elements of the tree (leaves or 3D branches) width, as well as their colors, can be constant or shrink their size according to their depth (which gives you a better perception of the tree in the 3D world).
  • A lot of elements to play with. You can draw the tree using a variety of elements: lines, for a wireframe style; points, for enhance the connections between branches; polygons, to perk up the tree with elegance objects; 3D branches, to have a more robust look and feel; 3D leaves, to add realism. All these elements are personalizable in terms of size and colors.
  • Grow up or shrink down  You can change in real time the number of branches and the depth of the tree. You will see your tree grow up, shrink down, or expand up to a huge number of vertices and polygons. A smooth animation allows the tree changes to be more realistic and nice to see. Changing the opening value of the tree will result in a very elegant opening-flower-like animation.
  • Also the proportion matter. The proportion between different branch levels length can be modified, allowing you to give more importance to the begin or the end of the tree.
  • Complete and symetrical, or incomplete and chaotic. Decide if you want a complete n-ary tree or if some branches will not continue to grow. Branches can be uniformly distant between each others, or can be randomly arranged.
  • Texturize your world. Now you can apply a texture on tree branches, as well as on leaves.
  • To be vain you need a mirror. You can also choose to draw a mirror-copy of the tree, rotated by 180 degrees. So you can double the fun.



All these possibilities of customization resulting in a huge variety of different tree-styles. You will get a hi-tech style, a style inspired by nature, pure fantasy, with strong contrast, elegant, symmetrical, minimal, rich in detail.

Vertices are sent to the GPU using “immediate mode”: in later versions a VBO will be used, so to optimize the dialogue with the GPU.

The opening allows to simulate a growth of the tree, as well as the increase of the depth and ramifications for each depth level. These changes update in time the structure of the tree, in a gradual manner., Interpolating the position of the vertices via animation ease-in/ease-out.


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