EMIT r3 for Quartz Composer

Announcing EMIT r3, the third release of a Quartz Composer Library by Rybotron designed to make creating complex, dynamic, and reactive visuals easier in Quartz Composer.


There are almost double the patches from release 2: a Connections patch that mimics Plexus in After Effects, a Momentary Fire patch to trigger animations on the fly, an audio accelerated BPM patch time for Resolume, as well as new structure, iterator, color, number, and vector tools.

Have fun, make cool shit, and please share what you create!

Download the library here: http://bit.ly/emit-github
See the new changes here: http://bit.ly/emit-changelog


Origami – A design prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer

Origami is a new Plug-in and Macro set for Quartz Composer that expands it’s functionality as a design tool. Launched recently by the Facebook Design Team  ( http://origami.facebook.com/ ) it provides a set of tools intended to make interaction prototyping easier.


The main Plug-in adds a few nice features and finally brings Retina Support to the QC Editor. As well as the Plug-in it also install a bunch of macros that replicate a lot of in built functionality and repackages them in a more user friendly manner. There is also a bunch of example files to get show it all in action.

It look like the project could bring some new people to the world of Quartz Composer which will be a great thing. There has already been some updates to the github page as users have posted about bugs.

Check out https://github.com/facebook/origami for the latest build

http://facebook.github.io/origami/ for the latest installer.


Also worth checking out is this interview with one of the Facebook design team talking about their ideas behind using Quartz Composer.